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Christmas doesn't have to mean weight gain is inevitable. In this guide I show you how to enjoy the festivities without the guilt and without the uphill battle come January. We're working with all the principle of the low GL (glycemic load) diet. If you're new to it, the low GL plan is a way of eating that encourages you to eat and enjoy real foods without having to count calories or cut out major food groups. It's the lifestyle diet that ACTUALLY works.

Here's what you're going to find inside this handy, printable guide:

What to avoid and what fabulously healthy and delicious choices you can make

Goal setting - what are your concerns for the holidays, health goals, exercise goals, etc.

Planning for success - worksheets to plot your goals, potential barriers and actions

Christmas breakfast ideas

Christmas lunch the low GL way

Low GL dessert recipes, including low GL Christmas cake

Christmas snacks (PLUS recipes)

Healthy eating on the move

How to eat out (and make healthy choices)

Christmas travel health guide

Ailsa Hichens

Ailsa Hichens

Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach

I'm Ailsa Hichens, a Registered Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach. I change women’s bodies and their lives through a mix of nutritional therapy (that’s the science bit) and motivational coaching.

Course Includes

1 Video

7 PDFs

2.0 hrs